Congratulations, your school has promoted your account to be a delegate to help out! Now What? 

This article is here to help you navigate the new School tab in your account. 

If you have any specific question, click the link below to be taken directly to that portion of the article. 


Navigating your School Dashboard

When you are promoted, the first thing you will see in the new "School Tab" in the top of the screen. This tab is where you will be able to view the School dashboard where you can 

When you Click the School Tab, you will be brought to the Dashboard! 

School Information Tab

Your School Information tab provides a general overview of your School Dashboard. Information is divided into four areas: Account, School Address, Address, and School Private Data.


This section displays information about the School Account, you will not be able to edit or make changes this section.  

UserID: This is a unique ID attached to the School Admin account and cannot be changed. 

Username: This is the username the admin will enter on the "Sign In" page to log into the School Dashboard. 

Email: This is the email address set as the email used to login and/or to request password resets for the school account.

School Address

The information in this section is used on correspondence such as quotes and invoices, so please ensure that it looks accurate. You can update each field by clicking on it.


This section contains your school's full billing address. You can click on each field to make changes if needed.

School Private Data

This section contains information about your purchases, expiration date, and contact information. The only editable information in this section are the Accounts Payable and School Manager email fields.

Points: How many unassigned points are available to distribute to your teachers.

Boom Plus Seats: How many teacher memberships are available to assign to your teachers.

Organization Expiry: The expiration date of your subscription.

District Email Domain: Your school/district's email domain (the information after the "@" symbol).

Student Pool: This is an unused feature, please feel free to ignore this field.

Accounts Payable (email): The email for your Accounts Payable contact.

School Manager (email): The email of the School Dashboard manager.

Teachers Tab 

The Teachers tab provides an overview of the teachers that have been linked into the school account. They will appear alphabetically.

Note: Just because a teacher account is linked to the School Dashboard does not yet mean that they are upgraded to the school subscription. For specific instructions on how to add and upgrade your teachers, please refer to this separate guide: Adding and Provisioning Teacher Accounts with the School Dashboard.


Edit or Reassign

Clicking the Blue Pencil button will present two options.

Edit allows you to change the email nickname and username for an account. To save your changes, you must assign a username if there isn't one. An error when entering a new email or username usually means that the email or username is already in use on a different account.

Reassign allows you to assign an account to a new teacher while removing any personal information from the old teacher. The new user will keep access to the account's library and student data. This function only works when the new teacher doesn't already have an account. For help to reassign an account to an existing teacher please contact

Send Password Reset

The Yellow Key button allows you to send a teacher a reset password link. Once are click this link, they will be prompted to create a new password.  


Contains the email that is attached to the teacher account. 


This is the teacher name that students see. Both the teacher and the School Dashboard admin can see and change this name. 


Usernames can be used to login in lieu of an email. Usernames must be unique.


User ID 

The User ID is a unique set of randomized letters and numbers that is used to identify a teacher account and cannot be changed. It is not used to log in. When contacting customer service, please include the User ID so we know exactly which account you need help with. 

Last Login  

This field shows the last time this teacher logged into their account. If this field is blank, that means that teacher has never logged into their account. The last login date can be used in conjunction with the Purchased Decks field to gauge a teacher's usage.

Purchased Decks 

This field shows how many Boom Cards Decks your teacher has added to their library from the Boom Store. This includes free decks and decks purchased with points. If the teacher previously used Boom before joining the school account it will also include all previously purchased decks.


This field shows when a teacher account is set to expire. If successfully added and upgraded, that teacher account expiration should read as a green SUBSCRIBED, and the date should match your school’s expiration date on the School Information Tab.

If this field is showing a red NOT SUBSCRIBED message, that means that the teacher previously had a membership that is expired. 

A blank expiration date indicates a brand new teacher with no membership applied. 



This field shows whether a teacher account is upgraded into the school’s subscription. A green ASSIGN button means that the teacher does not have a membership assigned.

Once you assign a membership to a teacher, you will see a blue RECLAIM button appear.

If you renewed your school's subscription within 90 days of your expiration date, you will see a blue RENEW button instead. This functions just like the ASSIGN button.



This indicates the level of membership on a teacher account. Most accounts will show BoomPlus once memberships are assigned. Some legacy accounts may show PowerPlus.

If you see a membership other than BoomPlus or PowerPlus, you can still apply a membership using the RENEW or ASSIGN buttons. If you encounter an error, please contact us at

Points & the Add/Remove Points Button  

These last two fields tie in together. The Points field shows you the current points balance of a teacher. 


The Add/ Remove Points button allows you to assign or remove points to/from a teacher account. Just type in the number of points you'd like to transfer from your School Dashboard into the teacher's account.

To remove points, simply use a - sign before the amount. You can always check your total number of school points in your School Information tab.  

Students Tab

The Students tab contains some of your teachers' student data. This chart is searchable using the search bar. Information can then be copied and pasted into a spreadsheet.

Teacher ID: The User ID of the teachers that owns this student profile.

Student Nickname: The nickname given by the teacher who created the student profile.

Student Email: This will only display for students who have been imported via Google, Microsoft, Clever, or ClassLink. Student accounts created within Boom (and use the "Log in with Boom" option) do not have an email address by default.

Student Username: The username generated by the system or created by the teacher. It can be used to log in as the associated student.

Student ID: The unique ID used to identify the student account. This cannot be changed and is not used to log in.

Last Login: The last time the student logged into their account.

Other usage data, such as activities assigned/completed and grades, can only be accessed by the teacher.

For more information about student data privacy, please see: Student Privacy Notice.

Subscription Tab

The Subscription tab contains a quick School Account Usage report as well as your purchase history. You can also request new estimates here using the "Request New Estimate" button.

You can find out more information on submitting add-on estimate requests in this guide, and information on submitting renewal requests in this guide.

Points Tab

The points tab displays a table with information about when points were distributed to and from teacher accounts within the School Dashboard. It keeps a record of the date and time of the points transfer, the email and User ID of the teacher, and how many points were moved.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at or call us at (833) WOW-BOOM. A real human will happily help you!