Student Privacy Policy


First, go to

    If you were given a Pin - please enter it into the box and click Play. If you were not given a pin skip this field.

    If you were asked to sign in or create an account, click Sign In.

  • If you are being asked to use a Google Sign In associated with your school or a Google Classroom, click Sign in with Google.
  • If you have been given a non-Google username and password, click Sign in with Boom.
  • If you need to Create a student account, click Create an Account. Use Google if your teacher told you to, otherwise click Join with Boom.

Boom Learning does not work with Internet Explorer. See our Technical Specifications.

Understanding Student Progress Reports 

Boom Cards with Boom Learning allows teachers to check student's progress in real-time or remotely, without needing to hand grade.

Completion: The Green circle shows whether a student has completed all the cards in the assignment. For some assignments, students will play all the cards at once. For others, students may play them over a series of smaller sets of cards. The goal is to turn the green circle from light green to Dark Green.

Gems: The Blue circle shows whether a student has mastered the content in the Boom Cards deck. Unless an item was assigned as an assessment, the goal is to keep playing, until the student has mastered all the Gems in the Blue circle. When the student has completed this task, the word "Mastery" disappears from the Blue Circle and a final gem count is displayed. The top example below is a Mastered deck with all gems earned. The bottom example shows the student is still working towards mastery.

Improving: Click the Blue Gems Circle to get details on answer choices. Clicking any Red Bar will show items answered incorrectly along with the correct answer. You and your student should review these items, ask a teacher or parent for help if you don't understand why the answer was incorrect, and then the student should come back and try again after a little break to see if the content has now been mastered. The goal is not just to play the game, but to crush it with learning.

Understanding Gem, Lightning bolts, and Pulses 

Please read about how these are earned here.